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JEMCO Construction is an Eastern Idaho based company that believes in building a quality house, running an honest business, and helping promote and improve the construction industry. What makes a quality house? To JEMCO Construction, a quality home starts at the very beginning with the floor plan. We assist our customers to put together a floor plan that meets their needs. Once the planning is complete and construction begins, quality goes into every step of construction from the foundation stage to putting on the finishing touches. To accomplish this requires subcontractors that have similar goals. We have used the same subcontractors for years due to their expertise and experience in the industry.

We at JEMCO Construction take pride in our business and work ethic. We feel that the customer and the builder need to clearly understand each other. This is achieved by multiple discussions to outline the needs of the customer and then having a detailed contract stating who lt is going into the home. We value the good relationship we have with our clients after the home is complete. Jemco construction is an active member of the local and national home builders association. Being a member has improved our own business as well as given us the opportunity to serve the surrounding communities.

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